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Learn How to Play Checkers and Win!

Checkers Book

Become an expert overnight!

If you want to win at the game of Checkers and amaze your friends with your outstanding skill, this is definitely the book to make you the expert.

Packed full of pictures

With this game, a picture is worth a thousand words! Every example in the book is fully illustrated so you can see all the moves you need to make in order to win!

The rules of the game

If you've never played Checkers before or just want to remind yourself, all the rules are fully explained right at the beginning, together with straightforward examples to practice with.

Tips and tactics

Winning at Checkers is all about your game plan and knowing the best move to make in any circumstances.

By using the strategies and tactics in this book to refine your playing strengths, you'll always be the winner.


As an extra FREE bonus, we've included the NotateIt software, which you can install on your PC, laptop or both so you can practice your Checkers games anywhere, anytime.

The NotateIt software lets you solve problems or work out tactics at your speed. You're not fighting the clock and you're not playing against the computer.

You have full control of the board and all the pieces, so you have time to work out the best moves without the software overtaking your thinking process.

Working with this book and the FREE software, you'll be a winner every time!

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The book, software and installation instructions are delivered together in the ZIP file. The book is in PDF format, suitable for reading with Acrobat Reader.

Please note that the accompanying software to the book is only available for Windows 2000, XP, XP Tablet and Vista.

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