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How To Outgrow 'Write What You Know'
Every writer has heard it time and again, and it’s not without merit: “Write what you know.” “Write what you know” is a very good starting point. But that’s all it is. It’s a place for you ...

Need to write an article? 'Three' is a magic number!
Writing articles for magazines, the Internet or the local community paper needn't be a headache. Providing they are informative, reasonably short and to the point, readers and publishers will welcome your articles. But, if the secret to writing neat, sweet articles is to keep them succinct, how do you maintain ...

Writing Your Articles: An Organized Framework for Success!
Writing articles for an ezine, newsletter or as content for your web site can often be a daunting prospect. The first step is easy. Don't start with a blank page - try using a graphic organizer instead ...

Your Writing Anxiety - 10 Ways to Bring Relief
Writing anxiety or 'writer's block' happens to all writers at some point in their writing lives. It may be that you don't know what to write about or, with your topic firmly in place, you don't know where to start. At this point, procrastination sets in ...